Farm Story

Boherbs dedicated to protect environmental sustainability and keep the natural world for all future generations. Boherbs insists on supplying organic herbs and cultivating under GAP guidelines, we pursue to provide high quality products.



 Organic Farms

ʘ Organic farming is an agricultural production system that does not use Chemically Synthesized Fertilizers, Pesticides, Growth regulators, Non-GMO and No Radiation.

ʘ It follows natural laws and adopts agricultural, physical and biological methods to enrich soil, prevent and control diseases and insect pests, so as to obtain safe organisms and their products.

ʘ Boherbs' goal is to create and restore biodiversity and a virtuous cycle in the agricultural ecosystem and maintain sustainable agricultural development.



 Wild Collection

ʘ Wild collection farm bases should own clearing and non-polluted land.

ʘ Farmers must pick herbs temperatly to guarantee the herbs sustainable development.



 GAP Farms 

Boherbs asked bases must finish, check and record each process steps, include ecosystem, germplasm materials, cultivation, collection & processing, packaging & transportation, storage, quantitative administration, personnel& facilities, archives& documents, so that we could control and keep the herbs quality.




 Direct Supply--Farms supply to Boherbs


 ʘ Controllable Quality

 ʘ Consistent Supply

 ʘ Seasonal &Timing

 ʘ Cost-Saving

 ʘ Fast Delivery

 ʘ Representative

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