Anti - Aging, Anti - Oxidation, Sun Protection Plants


Ginseng has the good name of anti-wrinkle and whitening, studies show that ginseng's anti-aging effect is mainly due to ginsenosides have the effect of scavenging free radicals and inhibiting lipid peroxidation.


Anti - Aging Herbs

Red ginseng extract can significantly cause skin wrinkles caused by uv radiation, the mechanism of which is that red ginseng extract can effectively inhibit the degradation of collagen


Ginseng Whole Root

Green tea has attracted great attention due to its anti-oxidation, repair of uv damage and other functions. It can also prevent and improve dry skin and has anti-inflammatory effects, so it has great potential in the field of anti-uv and anti-aging cosmetics.


Red ginseng

Black tea has less polyphenols than green tea, but is still a good antioxidant. Black tea extracts prevent phototoxicity from uv exposure, especially sunburn and keratinization.

Anti - Aging Herbs

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