Dandelion Root for Liver Detox, Healthy Skin & Stomach


1.       The Sterilization

Dandelion root can kill a lot of common bacterium, like tuberculosis bacili, aureus staphylococcus, pneumococci. In addition, it can inhibit fungi and viruses.

Dandelion Root Tea


2.       Cure A Cold Caused By Wind Chill

If due to cold attack and cause a cold, you can take an appropriate amount of dandelion root, it will be boiled, take juice to cure cold.


Dandelion Root Coffee

3.       Freckle Removal

Freckles, pigment spots are common spots, this type of spots once formed is not easy to remove. But you can use dandelion root, because it has a freckle-removing effect. Take 30 grams of dandelion root, wash it, chop it and fry it in a pot with 100ml hot water. Store the juice in a clean container for half an hour.


Dandelion Root

4.       Cure Stomach Trouble

People suffering from gastric diseases can eat dandelion root in an appropriate amount, because it contains a variety of healthy and nutritious active ingredients, such as dandelion alcohol, dandelion, choline, organic acid, glucose, vitamin, carotene, etc., these substances have the effect of protecting the gastric mucosa, so as to play a role in treating gastric diseases.

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