Effects Of Rhubarb On The Digestive System


(1)Rhubarb Root Purging Effect


Performance: generally after taking the medicine 6 ~ 10 hours excretion of loose stools.


Effective components: it is believed that the main components are senna glycosides.


Mechanism of catharsis: senna glycoside is decomposed under the action of intestinal bacterial enzyme to produce rhubarb anthranone, which can stimulate large intestine mucosa and increase intestinal peristasis. In addition, it can inhibit Na+, K+ - atpase on the intestinal membrane, hinder Na+ transport, increase the osmotic pressure in the intestine, retain a lot of water, promote intestinal peristalsis and diarrhea.



(2) Rhubarb Root Benefit Bile And Protect Liver.


(3) Rhubarb Root Promote Pancreatic Secretion And Inhibit Pancreatic Enzyme Activity.


(4) Rhubarb Root Anti-Gastric And Duodenal Ulcer.

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