Polygonum Multiflorum Extract -- Lowering Blood Lipid And Anti-Atherosclerosis Effect


Experimental research shows that the system of fleece-flower root alcohol extract of 0.84 ~ 8.4 g/kg, d lavage, 6 weeks can significantly decrease the plasma triglyceride and free cholesterol levels, inhibit the increase of plasma total cholesterol and cholesterol ester. The water extract of polygonum multiflorum can significantly increase the serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol content, reduce the TC level, combined with the significant increase of hdl-c /TC ratio, polygonum multiflorum can improve the ability of the body to operate and remove cholesterol, reduce the level of lipids, and delay the development of atherosclerosis.


Polygonum Multiflorum 

Fleece-Flower Root Lipid-Lowering Effect, Is Likely To Be Completed By The Following Ways Together:


(1) The cathartic effect of anthraquinones accelerates the metabolism of toxins in the body and restores the fat metabolism pathway in the liver;


(2) It effectively affects the activities of liver 3-hydroxy3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase and ta-hydroxylase, inhibits the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol, promotes the transformation of cholesterol into bile acid, inhibits the reabsorption of bile acid from intestinal tract, and strengthens the excretion of bile acid from intestinal tract.


Polygonum Multiflorum Root

(3) Induce liver microsomal carboxyesterase, promote the hydrolysis process in vivo, accelerate the excretion of toxins in the body.

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