Super Anti-Oxidant Ingredient -Black Goji Berry Extract Works Better Than Blueberry


The discovery of anthocyanins provides people with the simplest and most effective way of anti-oxidation and anti-aging.


Black Goji Berry

Black goji berry also contains abundant black fruit pigment -- natural procyanidins (red goji berry does not contain), which is the fruit with the highest anthocyanin content in nature, and its OPC content is higher than that of blueberries (black goji berry contains OPC3690mg/100g; Blueberry contains OPC330 ~ 3380mg/100g), which is the natural wild plant with the highest content of OPC found so far.



Black medlar is known as the "king of anthocyanins". Anthocyanins contained in it are the most functional anthocyanins in all plants at present. They are composed of 16 kinds of biological flavonoids and have superior physiological activities than general anthocyanins.

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