The Distinction Between Chrysanthemum Flower(Hangbaiju) And Fetal Chrysanthemum(Taiju)


Chrysanthemum Flower(Hangbaiju) and Fetal chrysanthemum(Taiju) both have the effects of clearing heat, clearing liver and brighting eyes, etc., which can replace tea as daily chrysanthemum tea brewing and drinking, and is one of the indispensable drinks at home, office, restaurant, teahouse and various clubs. Chrysanthemum Flower(Hangbaiju) and Fetal Chrysanthemum(Taiju) are the largest and most widely accepted chrysanthemum drinks.


Chrysanthemum Flower

Hangbaiju Flower Tea

6 Differences Between Chrysanthemum Flower(Hangbaiju) And Fetal Chrysanthemum(Taiju):


1. Differences of breed between Hangbaiju and Taiju:


The unopened buds of hangbaiju are called fetal chrysanthemum Taiju (also known as lei ju), and the first batch picked at the end of October was the genuine fetal chrysanthemum king. Fetal Chrysanthemum(Taiju) is the top quality of chrysanthemum, generally as gifts are used placenta.


After the buds are all open to pick down is Chrysanthemum Flower(Hangbaiju).


2. Differences In Appearance Of Chrysanthemum And Fetal Chrysanthemum Flowers:


Not in full bloom chrysanthemum called fetal chrysanthemum, grain beige, uniform size, compact.


The chrysanthemum in full bloom has a dark center.

Fetal Chrysanthemum(Taiju)


3. Processing Technology Differences Of Chrysanthemum And Fetal Chrysanthemum:


The first time in the chrysanthemum flower Hangbaiju is not fully open when the harvest is the embryo chrysanthemum, the quality of the first two times’ harvests are the best, after the dry processing out of the super flower is the head of the first bud, carefully steamed, baked, with a unique taste. Precious for its rarity.


Chrysanthemum is steamed and dried, so it looks like a sticky pie.


4. Efficacy Differences Of Chrysanthemum And Petal Chrysanthemum:

Hangbaju, fetal chrysanthemum are clear heat to remove fire and bright eyes, generally hang baiju more for medicine, hang baiju is more likely as a daily drink.


5. Differences In Taste Of Hangbaiju And Taiju:

Taiju, the soup color is light yellow, such as light jasmine tea, there is no significant bitterness taste.


Hangbaiju itself contains sugar and smells sweet. After steaming and drying, the tea has a slightly sweet taste, so the taste is mild.


Chrysanthemum Flower

6. Price Differences Of Chrysanthemum And Fetal Chrysanthemum:


The price that fetal chrysanthemum wants prep above to hangbaiju commonly, fetal chrysanthemum’s quality is a few better generally speaking.


If it's for personal use, both are good choices, depending on your taste.


Modern urbanites are busy with work, the erosion of alcohol and tobacco, environmental pollution and lack of good eating habits, and generally have a variety of symptoms of excessive heat (acne, oral ulcer, eye red, etc.). In the work, life and entertainment of the young generation, they often cannot leave the Internet and face the computer for a long time. Radiation and light pollution aggravate the long-term fatigue of the eyes, resulting in fading vision. If you feel often blurred vision and start to see small words, must improve the bad habits, try daily bubble drink these chrysanthemum tea, will have unexpected results.

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