The Wild Plant With The Highest Anthocyanin Content - Black Wolfberry

10 kg of fresh fruit black goji berry can be dried 1 kg of dried fruit black goji berry (dry, fresh fruit ratio of 1:10), the yield is rare and precious. Black Goji Berry is found so far procyanidins content of the highest wild plants.


Black Wolfberry

The Main Function Of Black Wolfberry


1. Enhance immunity and delay aging: anthocyanin contained in wild wolfberry is the most effective natural free radical scavenger, which can delay the aging of human cells and tissues, keep young and prolong life.


2. Long-term use of wild wolfberry to make tea can obviously protect eyesight, and it has good health care effect on adolescent pseudomyopia, middle-aged and elderly people's eyesight, eye bleeding, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, visual fatigue and dry eye disease.


3. Improve sleep, eat black Chinese wolfberry in anthocyanin (after) Anthocyanosides, people feel mind is awake, sleep improved thoroughly.

Black Goji Berry

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