• Dried Black Jujubes Certified Organic

    Dried Black Jujubes Certified Organic

    1. Our black jujubes are certified organic, both EU Organic and USDA Organic (NOP). 2. Black jujubes are processed by red jujubes. 3. Black jujubes are full of VC, and beneficial for health, espencially for women. 4. Specification: whole fruit .

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  • Black Jujubes

    Black Jujubes

    Advantages: 1. Black jujubes Quality: EU Pesticides limits. 2. Black jujubes are from organic farm in Shanxi. 3. Black jujubes Specification: Dried whole fruits, whole fruits without seeds, or OEM. 4. Black Jujubes contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, a variety of vitamins, etc., with vitamin C and calcium, iron.

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