• Dried Panax Notoginseng

    Dried Panax Notoginseng

    Advantages: 1. Dried Panax Notoginseng Quality: Conventional Grade up to EU Pharm Pesticides limits. 2. Dried Panax Notoginseng Specifications: whole root, powder 40-80mesh, or OEM. 3. Dried Panax Notoginseng Active Ingredients: The total amount of ginsenoside Rg1 (C42H72O14), ginsenoside Rb1 (C54H92O23) and notoginsenoside R1 (C47H80O18) > 5.0%. 4. Moisture: < 14.0% , Non-GMO Products. 5. Minimum Order Quantity: 200kg by sea. Trial order < 25kg by express/air.

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  • Dried Ginseng Root

    Dried Ginseng Root

    Advantages: 1. Organic farms of ginseng root in Changbai Mountain, culitivated under organic guidelines. 2. Seriously select the ginseng root after 5 years' growth. 3. Specifications: ginseng whole root, main root, rott fibers, cut, slices, powder, or OEM. 4. Ginseng is exported to Germany Supplement company, France cosmetic company in large quantity every year. 5. Main Fuctions: enhance immunity and anti-aging. 6. Visit Ginseng Farm: http://www.bioboherbs.com/case/panax-ginseng-farm

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  • Ginseng Root Powder

    Ginseng Root Powder

    Advantages: 1. Ginseng Root Powder Quality: Eu Pharm Standard, natural grade, conventional grade. 2. Ginseng Root Powder Specification: 40 mesh, 60mesh, 80 mesh or OEM. 3. Active Ingredients: ginsenoside Rg1(C42H72O14) and ginsenoside Re(C48H82O18) > 0.30%, ginsenoside Rb1 (C54H92O23) > 0.20% 4. Moisture: < 12% 5. Minimum Order Quantity: 200kg by sea.

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