Acanthopanax Root Regulates The Pathological Process


1. Acanthopanax acanthopanax can restore to normal the increase and decrease of red blood cells and white blood cells caused by chemical and biological factors. If the erythrocyte increase caused by cobalt nitrate and the erythrocyte decrease caused by phenylhydrazine, acanthopanax can make it return to normal.

2. Acanthopanthoside can reduce blood pressure.

3.Acanthopanax can regulate endocrine dysfunction.

4. Acanthopanax acanthopanax can change the pathological process of the body during the alert period of stress response, and prevent the hyperplasia of adrenal glands, the decrease of cholesterol content, the reduction of thymus gland and the reduction of gastric bleeding in this process.

5. Acanthopanax acanthopanax can also produce the resistance period of stress response.


Acanthopanax Root

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