Angelica's Effect On The Blood System


Angelica has always been regarded as a medicine for blood supplement by Chinese medicine, and is used for the treatment of anemia. It has been suggested that the blood supply of Angelica may be related to vitamin B12.


1. Inhibition of platelet aggregation

After the active ingredient in the angelica injection enters the cell, it inhibits the conversion of PI to PIP by inhibiting the activity of PI kinase. The reduction in PIP generation leads to a decrease in PIP2 production, which ultimately leads to a decrease in second messengers such as IP3, DG, etc., thereby inhibiting platelet aggregation. Observation with the blood fiber protein plate method confirmed that Angelica has a slight promotion of linear dissolution.


2.Atithrombotic effect

Hemorheological studies have shown that Angelica may promote cell depolymerization and reduce blood viscosity by lowering plasma fibrinogen concentration and increasing cell surface charge.


3. Impact on the hematopoietic system

More recent studies have shown that sodium ferulate has anti-O2 and H2O oxidation of red blood cells, which reduces the membrane lipid peroxidation product MDA, which can significantly reduce the hemolysis caused by MDA.



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