Bactericidal Anti-Inflammatory Effects To The Skin Of The Plant


Inflammatory response is a common skin condition and many plants have anti-inflammatory activity. Such as red clover flowers have anti-inflammatory effect, can be used to improve eczema, rashes, psoriasis, red clover contains isoflavones compounds have uv protection effect, can be used in sunscreen cosmetics.


The anti-inflammatory activity of chamomile is mainly attributed to the flavonoids contained in chamomile essential oil and extracts, among which apigenin, a flavonoids compound, and its sugar ligand have anti-inflammatory, anti-erythema and anti-pruritic effects.


Bactericidal Herbs

Fenugreek seed has antioxidant activity, and its mucus has a moisturizing effect, the traditional use of fenugreek has anti-inflammatory, anti-lip crack and oral ulcer effect.

Anti-Inflammatory Plants

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