Black Goji Berry And Red Goji Berry, What are differences between them?


1. The Color Difference Between Black Goji Berry And Red Goji Berry:   

Black wolfberry is black, red wolfberry is red.


Black Goji Berries

Red Goji Berry

2. The Difference In Color Between Black Goji Berry Tea And Red Goji Berry Tea:

There are 3 different colors (red, blue, purple) in black goji berry tea, depending on the pH of the water.

Black Goji Berries

The red goji berry tea is basically colorless.


Red Goji Berry

3. Black Goji Berry And Red Chinese Wolfberry  Efficacy Differences:

Black goji berries are mainly high in anthocyanins and have anti-oxidant effects, mainly anti-aging and whitening effects.

Red goji berry is mainly used to tonify kidney and improve essence, nourish liver and improve eyesight, nourish blood and soothe the nerves.

They are completely different in their efficacy.

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