Can Orally Taken Pearl Powder Produce Stone?


Pearl powder produced by different processing methods, its absorption rate is not the same.


Accordingly, if you don’t want to produce stone, please choose water-soluble pearl powder, enter the processing of lactic acid, the pearl powder that is alkalescent originally is neutralized, among them calcium can be absorbed by human body.

Pearl Powder


While ordinary pearl powder is especially for external use, not suitable for orally taken, put it into the stomach, there is some risk of interpretation. So, please buy hydrolyzed pearl powder or water-soluble pearl powder.


Scientific calcium supplement, in addition to the choice of water-soluble pearl powder, in the time and dosage should also pay attention to, not always the more the better. Because pearl powder contains very high calcium, so the daily dosage should not exceed 0.5 gram. It is suggested to divide it into 2-3 times to take after meals with water, because the gastric juice after meals is secreted more and the absorption effect is the best.

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