Fetal Chrysanthemum Relieves Visual Fatigue


Boherbs was first picked and collected at the time when the chrysanthemum was not fully open. The first two herbs were of the best quality. After being dried and processed, the first bud of head inflorescence was selected for premium flowers. It has a unique taste. It is precious for its rarity.


Young generation's work life entertainment, often long time surfs the net and faces the computer. Radiation and light pollution aggravate the long-term fatigue of the eyes and cause the eyesight to decline day by day. If you feel that your vision is often blurred and you can't read small words clearly, you must improve your bad living habits and try drinking chrysanthemum.


The chrysanthemum tea that uses fetal chrysanthemum to bubble, flavour is sterling, thick lie, colour and lustre is golden, contain the faint scent of nectar, and bubble long term also won't spread out.

Chrysanthemum Buds Tea

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