Ginsenosides Make Skin White And Smooth

Ginsengis known as the elixir of life in medical treatment, and in cosmetic, it can promote skin smoothness and softness, and has a good effect on preventing and curing facial acne, brown spots, etc. It can prevent hair loss and gray hair, improve the softness and not brittle of hair, and improve the tensile strength and malleability of hair.



The main composition of ginseng saponin on skin, limits the increase of skin blood capillary blood cholesterol and the hardening of the arteries, thereby preventing the decay of the circulation of the blood, improve the skin blood capillary blood circulation, strengthen cell vitality as well as the supply of leather nutrition, more have convergent effect of ginsenosides components, the result of the skin contraction, and can regulate dermal moisture balance, prevent skin dehydration, and inhibits melanin original performance, makes skin smooth, tender and white. 

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