How To Identify The Quality Of Fetal Chrysanthemum Tea


1. Shape Matching

Authentic fetal chrysanthemum, pure pan-beige, at a glance is known to be purely natural baking, no use of sulfur and other harmful substances for baking. And fetal chrysanthemum flower size neat, no broken flowers, no small insects, clean and hygienic, in line with safety and hygiene food standards. Other chrysanthemum on the market, flowers size, rough and disorderly, and the color is lighter, close to white, which may be smoked with sulfur.


Chrysanthemum Tea

2. Comparison Of Bubble Buds

Authentic fetal chrysanthemum, bubble after opening, the flowers stretch, as if alive, very dynamic. Inferior fetal chrysanthemum on market, after bubble opens lifeless, tea soup changed color, and bud still is wrapped tightly however piece does not open, this kind of fetal chrysanthemum is dyed likely, so ability bud has not bubble opened, tea soup changed color first.


Chinese Chrysanthemum Tea

3. Color Contrast Of Tea Soup

Authentic and high-quality embryo chrysanthemum, after bubble open, the tea soup is transparent and clear, the color is natural and bright, no impurities, clean and fresh. Other fetal chrysanthemum on market, after bubble is opened, tea soup is muddy, visible a few fine impurity, although do not affect drinkable, but let a person doubt its processing environment and sanitation safety extremely easily.

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