Natural Foods Have Healthier Antioxidant Properties


Since the theory of tripheylemthylradical was proposed by Gomberg in 1900, people's research on free radicals has gradually deepened. Although the traditional synthesis of antioxidant ability is relatively strong, but long-term consumption has potential toxicity, and some will even produce teratogenic, carcinogenic effects, so more and more people reject it.

 Organic Herbs

Bee pollen is the pollen grains collected by bees from flowers. It contains flavonoids, vitamins, hormones, nucleic acids, enzymes and trace elements, etc. It has anti-aging effect and is a good antioxidant food.


Natural Plant Extract

Experimental results have proved the antioxidant effects of radix puerariae, Chinese wolfberry, raisin, silver apricot, bamboo leaf and lemon. Therefore, it is of great significance for food and pharmaceutical industry to screen natural products with antioxidant and free radical scavenging activities.

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