Often Constipation, Can Drink Barley Grass Powder More

Barely grass powder has been confirmed by medical research that barley seedling powder is rich in dietary fiber, and dietary fiber has been listed as the "seventh nutrient" after the traditional six nutrients. According to many years of research and clinical experiments in medical and nutrition circles, dietary fiber has a variety of physiological effects, and its main effect is to moisten the bowel to relieve bowel pain.

 Barley Grass Powder

On the one hand, the large volume of dietary fiber can stimulate intestinal peristalsis, promote fecal meaning, reduce food stay in the intestinal tract time, retain water is not easy to be absorbed.


On the other hand, dietary fiber is in large intestine classics bacterium ferments, absorb the moisture in fiber directly, increase the volume of excrement and moisture, make defecate becomes soft, produce aperient effect.

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