Precautions For Eating Ginseng


1, ginseng can not eat with grapes


The grape contains citric acid, which will damage the nutrition of ginseng. The tannic acid will precipitate the protein in ginseng and precipitate, which will affect the absorption of ginseng and reduce the efficacy of ginseng.


2, Ginseng can not be abused


Some people with strong constitutions are not suitable for taking tonic if there is no weakness, and do not eat ginseng.

In addition, eating ginseng must pay attention to the season. Generally speaking, the weather in autumn and winter is relatively cool, and eating is better; but in summer, due to the hot weather, it is not suitable to eat ginseng.


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3, ginseng can not eat with radish and a variety of seafood seafood

Modern research proves that radish has the effect of digesting diuretic, and ginseng is the most important function. Therefore, ginseng and radish are eaten together, which offsets their respective effects. So avoid eating the same food, otherwise, eating is equivalent to eating white, without any functional effects.


4, avoid drinking tea after taking ginseng

After serving ginseng, do not drink tea, so as not to damage the role of ginseng.


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5, ginseng avoid using hardware cookware 

Whether it is decoction or stew, avoid using hardware cookware.

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