Schisandra Fruit Has A Good Therapeutic Effect On Hepatitis


(1)  Schisandra Chinensis has significant enzyme lowering effect on serum alanine aminotransferase of hepatitis b patients. The mechanism is to inhibit the enzyme synthesis of liver cells, which has no obvious effect on normal liver, and even more inhibit the enzyme activity of liver with injury.

 Schisandra Fruit

(2) Improve systemic symptoms, such as loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, etc. It can protect liver and promote liver cell regeneration, enhance liver detoxification function and adrenal cortex function, so as to restore liver function.


Schisandra Chinensis

Chinese academy of medical sciences institute of drug pharmacology study researcher, Chinese academy of engineering academician Liu in hepatitis drug research, first of all show a variety of ingredients in fructus schisandrae Chinese medicine can protect the liver from some chemical poison damage, and can adersely affect oxygen free radical damage, stimulate the liver synthetic metabolism and enhance the activity of cytochrome P450. 

In collaboration with pharmacochemical and pharmacological experts, he found that its analogues, biphenyl diesters, have significant effects on lowering transaminase and protecting liver based on the synthesis of fructus schisandrae propanin.


At present, the development and application of schisandra chinensis are mainly focused on the treatment of new drugs for hepatitis.

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