Self-Cleaning Effect Of Lotus Leaf


Lotus Leaf Chemical ingredients:

Lotus base, citric acid, malic acid, gluconic acid, oxalic acid, succinic acid and other basic ingredients that resist mitosis.


Lotus Leaf

Lotus Leaf Efficacy:

Lotus leaf has antipyretic, bacteriostatic and antispasmodic effects, lotus leaf alkali has antilipid effects.


Lotus Leaf Tea

Self-cleaning effect of lotus leaf:

The basic chemical composition of lotus leaf self-cleaning effect is chlorophyll, cellulose, starch and other polysaccharide carbohydrates rich in hydroxyl OH-, amino NH- and other polar groups in the natural environment should be easy to adsorb water or stains. 

However, lotus leaves are extremely water-repellent, and the water sprinkled on the leaves will automatically gather into droplets. The rolling of droplets will stick, absorb and roll out the dirt and sludge that falls on the ground and keep the leaves clean all the time. This is the famous lotus leaf self-cleaning effect.

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