The Absorption Effect Of Pearl Powder Is Better After Hydrolysis

Hydrolysis is a name for pearl processing, which is not actually broken down with water, but with organic acids or enzymes. Hydrolyzed pearl powder is a kind of pearl powder that can be 100% soluble in water, and it completely retains the content of pearl protoplasm. Through various technologies, insoluble substances in the pearl ingredients are converted into soluble substances to improve the absorption rate and solve the problem that pearl powder is not easy to absorb.


Pearl Powder 

The absorption rate of hydrolyzed pearl powder is much higher than that of ordinary pearl powder, and long-term consumption will not cause calcium deposition in the stomach.


High quality pearl powder must be "hydrolyzed" such a process, no matter how fine pearl powder, as long as there is no "hydrolyzed", there will be a large number of sediments are difficult to be absorbed by the body.

Soluble Pearl Powder

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