The Application Of Honeysuckle In Cosmetic Products


(1) Honeysuckle extract added in cosmetics cream, cleansing milk, emulsion and other products, can improve the skin blood circulation, promote skin metabolism, inhibit tyrosinase activity and melanin deposition, accelerate the removal of discoloration, so as to play a beauty and skin care effect.

(2) Honeysuckle extract add shampoo, can dandruff antipruritic, make hair soft.

(3) Add honeysuckle extract in nail polish with a small amount, can make the nail enamel layer remains smooth.

(4) In cosmetics, honeysuckle essence is both cream essence and an important soap essence.

(5) Join the toilet water, with anti-itching except itching, refreshing, eliminate fatigue, relieve dizziness and other effects.

(6) Add in toothpaste, with heat - clearing annealing, periodontitis and gingivitis prevention.


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