The Main Components And Function Of Paeoniae Alba Root


The Paeoniae Alba Root contains Paeoniflorin, Paeonol and Paeonin. In addition, it contains volatile oil, fatty oil, resin, sugar, starch, mucous, protein and triterpenes.


Paeoniae Alba Root

Pharmacological Action Of Paeoniae Alba Root


1. Effects on the central nervous system

Paeoniflorin has obvious analgesic effect on the writhing reaction induced by acetic acid.


2. Effects on cardiovascular system

The water-soluble substance of paeoniae alba can prolong the survival time of myocardial hypoxia induced by isoproterenol. Antagonizing ecg changes caused by pituitrin; Increased nutrient blood flow to the heart muscle.


3. Antispasmolysis

Paeoniflorin has a good antispasmodic effect, which is the result of its direct effect on smooth muscle of intestine.


4. Protective effect on liver

Radix paeoniae alba extract has obvious antagonistic effect on d-galactosamine induced liver injury and SGPT elevation, which can reduce SGPT and restore liver cell lesion and necrosis to normal.


5. Anti-inflammatory effect

The results showed that the total glucoside of paeoniae alba had obvious prevention and treatment effect on adjuvant arthritis, and the extract of paeoniae alba could significantly inhibit acute inflammatory edema caused by egg white, and also inhibit the hyperplasia of granuloma of cotton ball.


6. Effects on the immune system

Studies have shown that white peony root can enhance the phagocytosis of macrophages.



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