The Whitening Effect Of Licorice Is About 80 Times Of VC


Licorice root, leaf extract, licorice root juice, root powder, and licorice flavonoids, glycyrrhizic acid, ammonium glycyrrhizinate, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, disodium glycyrrhizinate, potassium glycyrrhizinate, glycyrrhetinic acid, succinyl licorice. Active substances such as disodium citrate and glycyrrhetinic acid stearate have now been added as raw materials to various cosmetics.


Licorice Root

Some Chinese herbal cleansing and skin care products now contain licorice ingredients, and licorice is often used as an important ingredient in various "herbal formulas". Licorice has a remarkable whitening effect.


The extract of licorice can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby reducing the production of melanin, and its whitening effect is about 80 times that of vitamin C.

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