To Prevent Skin Aging, Snail Extract Is Most Effective


The slime secreted when snail crawls can effectively avoid skin aging, and can eliminate spots, scars and acne on the skin. Skin care cream made from the regenerative properties of snails is a great skin saver.


Snail secreted mucus contains natural allantoin, calcium, glycolic acid, collagen, protein, vitamins and other essential materials for making cosmetics.


Snail Extract

In addition, snail slime is a natural antibiotic that kills certain bacteria on the skin and eliminates spots and acne because it penetrates the third layer of the skin.


The chemical composition that snail secretes slime has firming effect, can make the skin regenerate quickly. Allantoin, extracted from snail mucus, regenerates the skin; Protein and vitamins can increase the nutrition of the skin, making the skin more delicate and smooth.

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