• Dried Luffa Sponges Manufacturers, Dried Luffa Sponges Factory, Supply Dried Luffa Sponges
  • Dried Luffa Sponges Manufacturers, Dried Luffa Sponges Factory, Supply Dried Luffa Sponges

Dried Luffa Sponges

Brand : Boherbs

Quality Standard : European Pharmacopoeia Standard

Delivery time : 7-10 Days

Business Scale : Wholesaling

Boherbs Co., Ltd, is a professional supplier of organic herbs and EU standard herbs, plant extracts and natural food ingredients. With a team of TCM experts and 19 years of experience, Boherbs is dedicated to serving industries of nutraceutcial, pharmaceutical, food and personal care and cosmetic.

Luffa Gourd

Common Name:

Dried Luffa Sponges

Botanical Name:

Luffa cylindrica (L.) Roem.

Latin Name:

Luffae Fructus Retinervus

Pinyin Name:

Si Gua Luo

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

European Pharmacopoeia Standard



Harvesting and Collection:

Collect in autumn Gather the withered old fruits, remove the outer skin and pulp.


The product is with fine fiber, tough texture, white color and free of peel.


Luffa Spunge

Taste and Naturee, Taste and Meridian attribution

Sweet in taste, mild in nature. The lung, stomach and liver meridians in attribution.



Clear heat, resolve phlegm activate meridians.


Usage and Dosage

10-15g for decoction. Appropriate amount of calcined sample as powder for external application.


Natural Loofah


There is no precaution.


Active Ingredients

It contains xylan, cellulose, mannan, galactan, lignin.



1. The seeds can be roasted as a snack, or pressed to produce oil. Externally, it is used for shingles and boils. The dried fruit fibers are used as abrasive sponges in skin care, to remove dead skin and to stimulate the circulation.

2. Boherbs’ farm use of natural materials and traditional methods for growing without using chemicals or artificial fertilizers, which are harmful to both our health and the environment. we aim to show people around the world that organic farming methods can be profitable as well as healthy.

Luffa Gourd

Scope of Business

Boherbs Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for herbs & herbal powder (organic certified & conventional standard), plant extract, food ingredients, spices and herbal tea.

We would like to provide raw materials for pharmaceutical factory, scientific research institutions, and health products company and so on.

We are capable to provide One-step solution for contract manufacturing like capsules, teabags, tablets etc. 

Sample orders are available to do the tests.

Luffa Spunge

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