Anti-Fatigue, Hypoglycemic, Try Ophiopogon Root


Main Ingredients Of Ophiopogon Japonicus:

Steroidal saponin, alkaloid, sitosterol, glucose, amino acid, vitamin, etc.


Ophiopogon Root


Main Functions Of Ophiopogon Japonicus:

Radix ophiopogonis has the function of anti-fatigue, scavenging free radicals and improving cellular immunity.


Ophiopogon root has sedative, hypnotic, fight cardiac muscle to be short of blood, fight the action such as arrhythmia, fight tumour, have many sided effect to improving old people health especially.


Mai Dong Root

In addition, radix ophiopogonis also promotes the recovery of pancreatic islet cell function, increases liver glycogen, and reduces blood sugar. Radix ophiopogon can substitute for tea. Take an appropriate amount of ophiopogon japonicus, soak it in boiling water and take it several times a day to effectively relieve the symptoms of thirst.

Some diabetics are deficient in qi and Yin, so when drinking water of ophiopogon japonicus, you can match some radix codonopsis, which can play a role in replenishingqi.


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