The Application Value Of Rose Hip In Cosmetics


1. Repair effect:


Rose pectin extracted from rose hip can strengthen tissue function, produce active tissue, easily penetrate the dermis, play an excellent role in cell regeneration, repair and healing, and reconstruct damaged skin structure.


Rose Hip

2. Skin-tightening effect:


Rose hips can improve skin regeneration and renewal capacity by promoting epidermal cell activity, protect cells from uv damage and neutralize free radicals, contribute to the synthesis of collagen, can improve skin wrinkles and relaxation, enhance the elasticity of the skin so as to achieve the effect of tightening the skin


Rose Hips Fruit Supplier

3. Whitening effect:


Vitamin C is the first used in whitening products, one of the representative additives. Its security is good, but its stability is poor. If left unprotected, the cream will quickly lose its activity. To stabilize it, various methods have been proposed, such as using the pectin in rose hips, which are rich in vitamin C, to maintain its natural activity until the pectin is destroyed when applied to the skin. This effectively reduces melanin.


Rose Hips Berry

4. Anti-aging effect:


Vitamin C has anti-aging effects. It is a water-soluble substance that can rebuild the dermal and epidermal joint and promote the formation of collagen fibers. In addition also has the very strong scavenging free radical ability, is the very good antioxidant, has the anti-aging effect.


Rose Hip

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