Antibacterial And Antiviral Effects Of Coptis Root


1.       Antibacterial: The antibacterial spectrum is wider, and it has the strongest antibacterial

effect against Shigella, which is superior to sulfonamide. It also has a significant antibacterial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Pneumococcal, Meningococcus, Diphtheria, Streptococcus, and Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In addition, in vitro tests of berberine and berberine decoction also have a strong antibacterial effect on Leptospira.


Coptis Root

2.       Anti-virus: inhibition of a variety of influenza viruses, as well as Newcastle virus.


3.       Antigenic worm: berberine decoction, berberine has anti-amebic protozoa in vitro and in vivo, so it can also treat amoebic dysentery.


4 .  Anti-fungal: the effect is similar to jaundice, but berberine is more potent.

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