Whitening And Freckle Function Of Traditional Chinese Herbs Raw Materials


1.       Glycyrrhiza  

Glycyrrhiza root, leaf extract, glycyrrhiza root juice, root powder, and glycyrrhiza flavone, glycyrrhizic acid, glycyrrhizic acid ammonium, glycyrrhizic acid stearate and other active substances have been added to various cosmetics as raw materials. Now some traditional Chinese medicine cleansing, skin care products contain licorice ingredients. Licorice has a significant whitening effect. Licorice extract can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby reducing the production of melanin, and its whitening effect is about 80 times that of vitamin C.


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2.       Ampelopsis ampelopsis

The ampelopsis root extract and ampelopsis root powder are now used in cosmetics production. Japanese ampelopsis is a common cosmetic medicine, is dispelling the spot whitening, skin care, moist skin effect, can be used to treat surface surface spots, especially suitable for dry skin, sebum secretion too less rough skin and aging skin.


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3. The Magnolia Flower

Magnolia extract, flower bud powder and flower oil are now used in cosmetic production. The volatile oil in magnolia flowers can promote the local vasodilation, especially the expansion of microvessels, and improve the skin nutrition, as well as the antioxidant effect, which can be used in anti-aging cosmetics. There are also hair, whitening effect.


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4. The Ligustilia

Ligustilia extracts from ligustilia flowers and roots have now become raw materials for cosmetics. Ligustilia has the effect of freckle removal, often used to treat skin itching, facial black spots and other damage capacitive diseases. Ligustilia contains volatile oil, can dilate local blood vessels, improve the local blood supply to nourish the skin, improve the complexion.


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5. Atractylodes

Atractylodes atractylodes and its roots, rhizome extracts, atractylodes atractylodes root powder are now cosmetic materials. Atractylodes atractylodes can replenish qi and blood, whiten and moisten the skin, delay senility, and treat the rough, yellow and dull skin spots caused by qi and blood deficiency and cold. Atractylodes atractylodes has a good inhibitory effect on skin pathogenic fungi such as ringworm epidermis and can also enhance immune function.


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In addition, ginseng, pearl, poria cocos, notoginseng, aloe, asparagus, almond, ligusticum, wolfberry fruit, also commonly used as whitening raw materials.

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