Coix Seed Is Both Delicious And Keeping Beauty



Main components of Coix Seed are protein, vitamin B1 and B2.


Coix Seed


1, Coix Seed is beneficial to water swelling, spleen dampness, tendons and remove arthralgia, clearing heat and discharging pus, etc.


2. Used for hair: Coix Seed can nourish hair, prevent hair loss and make hair smooth and soft.


3, For skin: make skin smooth, reduce wrinkles, eliminate pigment spots effect. Have apparent curative effect to facial acne and skin coarse, additional, it still has absorption ability to ultraviolet ray, its extract adds the effect that still can achieve in cosmetic prevent bask in and prevent ultraviolet ray.


4, In addition, Coix Seed is a kind of grain, soft or Fried with water, more conducive to the absorption of intestines and stomach, the body often feel tired without strength, can eat more. Job's tears seed contains abundant proteolytic enzyme, which can soften the cutin of the skin, and it is also effective for long-term use in patients with skin wart and rough.

Coix Seed Supplement

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