Eating Black Sesame Seeds Often Can Prolong Life


Black sesame contains a variety of essential amino acids for human body. With the participation of vitamin E and vitamin B1, it can accelerate the metabolism of human body. Black sesame contains iron and vitamin E is to prevent anemia, activate brain cells, eliminate the important components of vascular cholesterol; Most of the fat in black sesame is unsaturated fatty acid, which can prolong life.


Black Sesame Seeds

Vegetarians in general should eat more black sesame seeds, but brain workers should eat more black sesame seeds. The lecithin contained in black sesame seeds is one of the components in bile. If the cholesterol in bile is too high and the proportion of cholic acid and lecithin in bile is out of balance, it will deposit and form gallstones. Lecithin can decompose and reduce cholesterol, so lecithin can prevent the formation of gallstones.

Black Sesame Seeds Powder

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