High Blood Pressure, Drink Burdock Tea

Research has found that the rich food fiber of burdock is water-soluble, drink burdock tea, food fiber is dissolved in water.


1.  Burdock root is rich in dietary fiber, dietary fiber has the function of absorbing sodium, and can be discharged out of the body with feces, reducing the content of sodium in the body, so as to achieve the purpose of lowering blood pressure.


Burdock Tea

2.  The content of calcium in b. burdock root is the highest in rhizome vegetables, calcium has the role of sodium into the urine side by side out of the body, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing blood pressure.


3.  Burdock root is also high in protein. The protein gives flexibility to blood vessels, allowing sodium to be removed from cells,can also prevent chronic hypertension.


Burdock Root Tea

4. Burdock glycoside, which is found in the root of burdock, can make blood vessels dilate and blood pressure drop.


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