Rose Tea: 5 Benefits And Easy Ways To Make It At Home!


1. Maintain Beauty And Keep Young

After taking rose tea can effectively promote the smooth flow of qi and blood in the body, so that the face will be better and the body will be better and better. Rose tea bubble water to drink, but also whitening skin, effectively reduce the growth of wrinkles.


2. Regulate the body

Rose is warm, after taking it a very good sedation, supplement qi and blood, regulation of mood, in addition to the liver and stomach has a very good regulation effect, it is recommended to take some rose tea every day, can well eliminate physical fatigue, but also can improve the physique.


Rose Tea

3. Treat bad breath

Roses have a strong fragrance. After taking them, they can improve bad breath, regulate endocrine effectively and protect liver health. In addition, daily adherence to the use of rose tea, can effectively improve sleep.


4. To lose weight

Rose has the effect that helps digest and eliminate adipose, say to take rose to have the effect that reduce weight so.


5. Regulate qi and blood, soothe liver and relieve depression

Taking rose has the effect of decrease internal heat invigorating spleen and removing blood stasis, which can effectively treat cold pain, accumulate cold and regulate qi and blood to calm nerves and relieve constipation.


Rose Buds Tea

Simple preparation of rose tea


1. Rose medlar tea

Take 15 grams of roses into a cup for brewing, if it is kidney deficiency patients can add 15 grams of wolfberry, can effectively regulate the body.


2. Longan rose tea

Prepare the equal amount of longan, wolfberry and rose (6 grams each), then the longan meat and wolfberry in boiling water for 10 minutes, then add the rose, cover the lid, after 10 minutes can be taken. This rose tea has very good effect of nourishing Yin and blood, often take can adjust the internal endocrine situation, the face will be better and better.


Rose Flower Tea

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