The Difference Between Korean Ginseng And Red Ginseng


1. The origin of raw materials is different

In fact, both Korean ginseng and red ginseng are made from FRESH ginseng , except that Korean ginseng is produced from Korean peninsula and Chinese red ginseng is produced from northeast China.

Korea Ginseng Root


2. The growth years of raw ginseng are different

Korean ginseng is selected growth for 6 years of ginseng to process, red ginseng is selected growth for 4-6 years of ginseng root to steam.


Red Ginseng Main Root Supplier

3. Different processing methods

After being processed into red ginseng, Korean ginseng is further processed. Therefore, there is no essential difference between Korean ginseng and red ginseng in terms of composition. If there is any difference, then Korean ginseng may have a new composition appearing in the later processing.

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