The Effect Of Glossy Ganoderma Spore Powder


1.The effect on neurasthenia

According to the results by concerned hospital in China Beijing, Wuhan uses glossy ganoderma spore powder to treat neurasthenia patient 108 cases, 30 days are 1 period of treatment, take 2-3 periods of treatment continuously.

Results: the symptoms of insomnia, dreaminess, palpitation, forgetfulness, weakness of waist and leg, fatigue, irritability were significantly improved, and the effective rate was more than 90%.


2. Effect on diabetes

Ganoderma spore powder can improve the blood circulation of pancreas, improve the physiological function of pancreas, reduce blood sugar and improve the symptoms of diabetes. According to Xiehe and other hospitals with glossy ganoderma spore powder treatment of two deficiency symptoms of diabetes. The result shows clearly: after a patient try to use glossy ganoderma spore powder to treat, total effective rate is 88.5%.


3. The effect of lowering blood fat

Glossy ganoderma spore powder has apparent effect to reducing blood fat, tall blood fat patient besides content of the blood fat in blood on the high side outside, still companion has the symptom such as spirit is worn out, lack of power, giddy dazzled, short of breath, bosom fuggy hold back, appetite undesirable, lumbar acerbity leg is soft.


Ganoderma Spore Powder

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