The Growth Of Plant Raw Materials Is Obvious, The Application Of Sports Nutrition Products Is Remarkable


Innova MarketInsights a flavor survey of consumers in the U.S. and U.K. found that 50% of consumers associated floral flavors with "freshness" and herbal flavors with "health."


Astragalus Root Slices

The application of plant-based raw materials in sports nutrition products has unique advantages, such as the well-known Chinese herbal raw materials. Taking astragalus, dangshen, angelica sinensis, chuanxiong and peach kernel as the main ingredients for the prescription of invigorating qi and activating blood, the raw materials can improve the activity of the body's SOD, inhibit the free radical metabolism caused by exhaustion exercise, and protect the tissue cells.


Dried Angelica Root

Rhodiola has an advantage in sports nutrition formula, which can enhance the body's tolerance to hypoxia and reduce oxygen consumption. It can increase the difference of arterial oxygen pressure and improve the utilization rate of oxygen. 

Peach Kernel

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