The Main Effect And Function Of Salvia Miltiorrhiza


The Role Of The Cardiovascular System


1. Strengthen the heart, strengthen the contractility of myocardium, improve cardiac function, and do not increase the oxygen consumption of myocardium

2. Dilate coronary arteries and increase myocardial blood flow; Dilation of peripheral blood vessels, increased blood flow; Decreased cerebral blood flow

3. Anti-thrombosis improves plasminase activity; Inhibition of platelet aggregation (increased intracplatelet cAMP level inhibited TXA2 synthesis); Improve hemorheological properties

4. Improve microcirculation


Salvia Miltiorrhiza

To Promote Tissue Repair And Regeneration


1. Promote tissue repair and regeneration, and danshen preparation treatment: fast clearance of necrotic myocardium; Fibroblast differentiation and collagen fiber formation were obvious. Granulation is mature. Local congestion is reduced, blood circulation is improved, healing time is shortened.

2. Inhibit excessive hyperplasia, which can inhibit fibroblasts.


Salvia Root

Improve Liver Microcirculation.


The antibacterial salvia miltiorrhiza preparation contains hidden tanshinone and dihydrotanshinone, which can inhibit staphylococcus, escherichia coli and denaturebacterium in vitro. 

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