The Only Difference Between Black Goji Berry And Red Goji Berry Is Anthocyanin


Black goji berry is more valuable than red goji berry, because black medlar contains "natural procyanidins", while red goji berry does not.


Black Goji Berry Dried

Black Goji Good For Eyes

Anthocyanin is the most effective free radical scavenger found so far. Its anti-free radical and antioxidant capacity is more than 10 times stronger than carotene and 18 ~ 20 times stronger than vitamin C.


Black Goji Anthocyanin

What is anthocyanin? How many magical effects does it have?


1. Patron saint of blood vessels

Anthocyanins protect vascular elasticity, enhance vascular resistance, maintain vascular permeability, enhance the function of capillaries, veins, arteries.


2. Slow down brain aging

Anthocyanins have a special function, that is, its small molecular structure can cross cerebrovascular barriers (blood-brain barrier), provide and strengthen the brain antioxidant function, so can improve the prevention of degeneration of brain cells, inhibit and improve the occurrence of degenerative alzheimer's disease.


3. Improve immunity

Anthocyanins enhance the immune system and increase the body's resistance. Anthocyanins protect intracellular genes from attack and reduce the incidence of various cancers. It has the function of killing breast cancer, lung cancer and gastric cancer cells and promoting the growth of gastric mucosa cells.


4. Skin care and beauty

For the skin, anthocyanins can protect the skin from uv damage, prevent the degeneration of collagen fiber and elastic fiber, keep the skin elastic and tension, avoid sagging and wrinkles, and promote the health of the skin. Make skin youthful.


5. Anti-inflammatory

Anthocyanin is also an effective relieving material for joint inflammation, which can prevent and cure non-bacterial inflammation such as arthritis. It also has an anti - allergic effect.


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