Cancer Patients Always Eat Goji Berry As Snack, Could Anti - Tumor, Anti - Radiation Damage


Lycium barbarum polysaccharide in lycium barbarum is not only a biological response regulator that regulates the immune response, but also plays an anticancer role through the neuroendocrine immune regulatory network.

Back in 2012, the American media devoted a special recipe to introducing wolfberry. It says. Wolfberry is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, can speed up the metabolism.


Goji Berry Dried Fruits

A number of additional medical studies confirm, lycium barbarum polysaccharide has to adjust immune function, fight tumor, fall the biological activity such as blood pressure action.Lycium Fruits 180/50


Wolfberry has anti-y ray radiation, the role of protection of the body, can be used as an auxiliary drug to cooperate with radiotherapy and other anti-tumor data, reduce the toxic and side effects of radiotherapy, improve the efficacy, protect the immune function of the body.

Lycium Chinese Goji Berry

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