Natural Plant Extracts Are Added To Beauty Drinks


In the USA market, for example, hairdressing composition is mainly used in the beverage vitamins, minerals and high antioxidant plant extracts. In the tea beverage market, products often contain high levels of antioxidants, but these products do not address cosmetic claims, but rely on increased consumer awareness of the link between antioxidants and anti-aging, such as skin, hair and nail health.

Beauty Drinks Ingredients


Botanical drinks are also significantly increasing in beauty claims, such as Botanic Water's 100% Botanic rose Water, which helps with multi-functional hydration, purifying toxins and improving skin structure. Meanwhile, Lakewood Organic's cold-pressed super vegetable juice claims to maintain eye and skin health while promoting normal cell growth.


Natural Plant Extracts Ingredients

In hot category, herbs and fruit Tea with its natural image and traditional health cognition to attract many consumers, the mainstream of the latest brand products have Tetley Glow pineapple and citrus herbal Tea, it contains vitamin B7 helps to brighten skin, at the same time Bigelow Tea launched Bigelow Benefits Radiate Beauty blueberries & aloe Tea, it contains rose fruit, acerola and the elder.











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