Star Anise Is Widely Used As Raw Material For Spices, Perfumes And Cosmetics


Main Ingredients Of Star Anise:

Star Anise contains volatile oil, fat oil, protein, resin, etc., oil contains anisole, sassafras, anisaldehyde, anisone hydrocardene, etc.


Shikimic acid can also be extracted, and there is a large amount of shikimic acid in the fruit of star anise. In the methanol extract of star anise, it can contain more than 10% shikimic acid, so it is often used as a resource plant to extract shikimic acid.


Star Anise Whole

Main Application of Star Anise:

1. Fruits and seeds can be used as seasoning.


2. Star anise has a strong fragrance, insect repellent, stomach anti - vomiting effect.


3. Star anise can be used as raw material for perfume, toothpaste, soap, cosmetics, etc.


4. Star anise used in medicine, can be used as drive wind agent and stimulant.


 Star Anise Organic Certified

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