• Goji Berry Powder Manufacturers, Goji Berry Powder Factory, Supply Goji Berry Powder
  • Goji Berry Powder Manufacturers, Goji Berry Powder Factory, Supply Goji Berry Powder
  • Goji Berry Powder Manufacturers, Goji Berry Powder Factory, Supply Goji Berry Powder

Goji Berry Powder

Brand : Boherbs

Quality Standard : USDA Organic (NOP)

Delivery time : 7-10 Days

Business Scale : Wholesaling

Boherbs Co., Ltd, is a professional supplier of organic herbs and EU standard herbs, plant extracts and natural food ingredients. With a team of TCM experts and 19 years of experience, Boherbs is dedicated to serving industries of nutraceutcial, pharmaceutical, food and personal care and cosmetic.

Goji Berry Freeze-drying Powder

Common Name:

Goji Berry Powder

Botanical Name:

Lycium barbarum L.

Latin Name:

Lycii Fructus

Pinyin Name:

Gou QI Jiang Guo Fen

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

USDA Organic (NOP)


Nourishing the liver, boosting essence and improving eyesight.



It is rich in the content of lycium polysaccharide.


Goji Berry Powder Bulk

Nature, Taste and Meridian Attribution    

Sweet in taste, bland in nature.



Exogenous evil, spleen and dampness and diarrhea are not allowed.


Active Ingredients  

Containing lycium polysaccharide, also containing betaine, atropine, and scorpionamine; another containing zeaxanthin, physalein, cryptoxanthin, scopoletin, carrot , riboflavin, niacin, vitamins b1, b2 and c. The seed contains –acid: aspartic acid, valine, alanine, leucine and the like.


Processing Methods      

High speed centrifugal spray drying.

Goji Powder 


The current application is mainly made into food and beverage, such as oyster sauce, alcohol, etc., and the wider application is in the production of traditional Chinese medicine preparations.


Farm Information     

Goji berries serve as a supplement to the medicine, and there are many ways to eat them.Chinese wolfberry can be taken all year round, summer should make tea, but the afternoon bubble drinks is good, can improve constitution, facilitate sleep.


Boherbs’ farm selected domestic pollution-free goji berries as raw materials, and used the vacuum freeze drying technology, the low temperature physical crushing technology, instantaneous crushing.


This method can keep the goji berries original all sorts of nutrition, health care ingredients, and the natural color of raw material, the taste and smell of this product has the pure gojiberries. We aim to show people around the world that organic farming methods can be profitable as well as healthy.

Goji Berry Freeze-drying Powder


Scope of Business

Boherbs Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler for herbs & herbal powder (organic certified & conventional standard), plant extract, food ingredients, spices and herbal tea.

We would like to provide raw materials for pharmaceutical factory, scientific research institutions, and health products company and so on.

We are capable to provide One-step solution for contract manufacturing like capsules, teabags, tablets etc. 

Sample orders are available to do the tests.

Goji Berry Powder Bulk

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