Our Factory

Manufacturing Facilities

1. German GMP Certified 

2. China SFDA SC Ceritified

3. EU Organic, US NOP Organic Processing Certified

4. Manufacturing:Herb cut and slices, Herb Powders, TBC, Plant Extract Powders

5. OEM Manufacturing: Capsulating, Tablet-Making, Pills-Making,Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)

Boherbs Factory.jpg

Follow Convention & Respect plant’s Self-characteristic

1. Prepare based on CP2020

2. Prepare based on Chinese Traditional Convention

3. The plants are harvested in season with no hurry and no delay

4.Freshness and Reservation guaranteed

5.Respect plant’s characteristic

production process Boherbs.jpg

production Boherbs.jpg

Optimized Extraction Methods

Ensure the balance of active ingredients composition in final products

1. Manufactured procedure is made according to different herb’s nature & characteristic. Every herb has its unique way to be extracted properly.
2. Extraction and drying process are made in a low-temperature to preserve herb holistic potency.
3. Essential Oils are replenished for proper balance of extract powder.

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