Our Factory

Herbs Processing

1. Chinaherb Pharmacognosy Technology Co Ltd. 

2. Located in Yantai, Shandong Province 

3. German GMP Certified 

4. 60 employees

5. Manufacturing: Herbs, Herb Powders, TBC

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Follow convention & Respect plant’s Self-characteristic

1. Preparebased on CP2010

2. Prepare based on Chinese Traditional Convention

3. Meeting up the season no hurry, no delay


5.Respect plant’s characteristic

6.Special Processing-To keep the active ingredients high

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Plant Powder Extracts & Finished Products

1. Changchun People Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. 

2. Located in Chuangchun, Jilin Province 

3. Chinese GMP Certified 

4. 200 employees 

5. Manufacturing: Herb Processing, Extracting, Capsulating, Tablet-Making, Pills-Making,Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)

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Optimized extractionmethods

ensure balance of active ingredients composition in finalproducts

1. Manufacturedprocedure is made according to different herb’s nature & characteristic.Every herb has its unique way to be extracted properly.
2. Extractionand drying process are made in a low-temperature to preserve herb holisticpotency.
3. Essential Oils are replenished for proper balance ofextract powder.

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