Organic Siberian Ginseng Root

  • Organic Siberian Ginseng Root Factory
  • Organic Siberian Ginseng Root Factory
  • Organic Siberian Ginseng Root Factory
  • Organic Siberian Ginseng Root Factory
  • Organic Siberian Ginseng Root Factory
Organic Siberian Ginseng Root
  • Boherbs
  • EU Organic, USDA Organic(NOP)
  • 7-10 Days
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1.Siberian Ginseng Quality: Organic Certified(USDA Organic & EU Organic), Natural standard, conventional standard.
2.Siberian Ginseng Specification:Slices, cut, granule, powder, OEM.
3.Siberian Ginseng Applications: Medicine, Cosmetics,Health care products, Supplements.
4.Eleutherococcus Root usually exported to USA, France, German and Canada in large quantity.
5.A pollution-free planting demonstration base. Ecological, green and safe management has been realized from farming, picking, production, and packaging. Can meet the diverse needs of customers.

Siberian Ginseng

Common Name:

Organic Siberian Ginseng Root

Botanical Name:

Acanthopanax Senticosus( Maxim) Harms

Latin Name:

ET  Rhizoma Seu Caulis Acanthopanacis Senticosi Radix

Pinyin Name:

Ci Wu Jia

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic, USDA Organic(NOP)



Harvesting and Collection:

Collect in spring and autumn, cleaning and dry


Color: Light yellow to tan.

Taste: A bit bitter and acrid.

Moisture:  < 13%

Active Ingredients of Siberian Ginseng

Organic Siberian Ginseng Root contains Elentheroside A、B、C、D、E、F、G, variety of carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2 and a large amount of carotene; the other containing sesamin, sterols, coumarin, flavonoids, wood ketone, non-aromatic unsaturated organic acids, trace minerals.

Organic Siberian Ginseng

Advantages of Boherbs' Organic Siberian Ginseng Root

1.Direct supply from our farm,far away from contamination and pure natural.

2. New and freshly harvested in the season. Harvest the roots and stems of the trees in autumn after their leaves have fallen.The stems on the ground are cut into 20 cm long sections, washed and dried, and then bundled into small bundles.


3. Manual slicing, screening,Clean and full,without impurities.

Eleutherococcus Root

4. Nature sun drying, strong medicinal fragrance. No sulfur, the product has high dryness, pure color, and rich nutrition.

5. Professional management, clean and tidy production environment.

   Strictly quality inspection.


Siberian Ginseng


Quality Control of Boherbs' Organic Siberian Ginseng Root

1. With our own wild farm in Heilongjiang, the largest producing area of Eleuthrococcus root, our products are of direct supply from our farm, far away from contamination and pure natural. Boherbs is able to provide 100% organic standard with pesticides free in various spec.s, such as Cut, C/S, TBC, Powder and other specs according to customer’s requirements all year around.

2. Before mass production, we always provide pre-production samples. We always conduct a final inspection before shipment.


Organic Siberian Ginseng

Main Functions of Siberian Ginseng 

1. Anti-aging & Anti-knub.

2. Resisting inflammation.

3. Having curative effect on neurasthenic and insomnia.

4. Having notable curative effect on neurasthenic, improving sleeping heart-throb, bad memory etc.

5. Expanding blood vessel, improving brain blood supplying, reducing and adjusting blood pressure, curing coronary heart disease.

Applications of Organic Siberian Ginseng Root

Medicine, tea ingredients, cosmetics, food, spice, seasoning, herbal wine, beverage, etc.

Advantages of the company

1.Boherbs Co., Ltd, is a professional manufacturer,supplier and wholesaler for certified organic and premium quality herbs,plant extracts and natural ingredients in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical foodand natural cosmetic industries.

2.Organic farm: select high-quality seedlings to ensure quality from the source.

3.Sufficient quantity: Organic Scutellaria Root is in sufficient stock and can supply 50 to 100 tons per year.

4.Cooperation: with the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and other countries have friendly exchanges and cooperation, deeply trusted. Good reputation, worthy of cooperation.We can meet the diverse needs of customers.

Eleutherococcus Root


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