Schisandra Berries Certified Organic

  • Schisandra Berries Certified Organic Factory
  • Schisandra Berries Certified Organic Factory
  • Schisandra Berries Certified Organic Factory
  • Schisandra Berries Certified Organic Factory
Schisandra Berries Certified Organic
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  • EU Organic, USDA Organic (NOP)
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1. Quality:Schisandra fruits Organic Certified(USDA Organic & EU Organic), EU Pharm standard, Natural Standard, Conventional Standard.
2. Specification: Schisandra Berries whole, Powder, or OEM.
3. Applications: Schisandra Juice, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, supplements.
4. Active Ingredients: Volatile oil, lignans, polysaccharides
5. Mode of transportation: By sea, by air, by express(for sample and small trial order).

Schisandra Chinensis

Common Name:

Schisandra Berries Certified Organic 

Botanical Name:

Schisandra Chinensis (Turcz.) Baill

Latin Name:

Schisandrae Chinensis Fructus

Pinyin Name:

Wu Wei Zi

Plant Part Used:


Quality Standard:

EU Organic, USDA Organic (NOP)


Whole berry/ Powder/Extract Powder

Harvesting and Collection:

Collect in autumn when the fruit ripe.

Northern Wuweizi


Northern Schisandra chinensis is mainly produced in Jilin, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Hebei provinces, in the northeast of China.

Organic Schisandra Berry Whole


1. No pigment, Natural red color, Slightly wrinkled peel

2. Flesh soft and moisture; fragrance smell and good taste

3. Dry in the air ; safe and secure

4. Non-GMO, no pesticides


Nutirtions of Northern Sacisandra Berry:

* Northern Schisandra Fruits contains lignans.

* Northern Schisandra fruit contains protein, sugar, citric acid, tartaric acid, oil, essential oil, malic acid, and also contains a variety of vitamins.

* Northern Schisandra Seed kernel contains schizandrin.

* Northern Schisandra fruit contains 17 kinds of amino acids. The inorganic elements are potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper and so on.

Schisandra Berries



* Drinks or tea

* Medicines 

* Healthcare products

* Pharmaceutical raw material

* Cosmetic products


Schisandra Chinensis


1.Treatment of deficiency type gasping caused by chronic cough.

2.Treatment of increased thirst syndrome caused by virtual heat and symptoms of dry mouth caused by body fluid exhaustion.

3.Treatment of spontaneous sweating and night sweating.

4.Treatment of involuntary discharge of semen caused by kidney deficiency.

5.Treatment of chronic diarrhea caused by deficiency type cold in the spleen and kidney.

6.Treatment of palpitations, insomnia and excessive dreaming caused by yin and blood deficiencies.

Organic Schisandra Berry Whole

Active Ingredients      

It contains lignans, volatile oils.

Volatike oils in Wu wei zi are mainly terpenoid including monoterpenes, oxygenated monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, oxygenated sesquiterpenes and some oxygenated alcohols or acid. Among them, sesquiterpennes are the most abundant.



Magnoliavine Fruit are collected after Frost’s Descent. Originated in Northeast of China, in Boherbs’ wild-growing farm, Schisandra berry grows in deep mountain in wild-crafted environment, far away from contamination, 100% natural. 

When it is harvested in October, the fresh Schizandra berry will be put in cold storage to keep its fresh color and only taken out to make selecting and air-drying in low temperature on customer’s order. Therefore, the best color and richest content have been well-preserved.

 Schisandra Berries

Organic Certificate (EU)
Organic Certificate (EU)
Organic Certificate (USDA, NOP)
Organic Certificate (USDA, NOP)
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