About Us
Boherbs Co., Ltd.

Boherbs Co., Ltd, is specialized in manufacturing organic herbs and premium quality natural plant ingredients for more than 20 years.We have 6 organic farms around China, providing various organic herbs and natural plants, which are served to food, nutritional supplement, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Under strict quality control system, products are manufactured under EU Pharm and USP standard, quality is approved by customers in Europe, US and Canada.

  • Organic Honeysuckle Flower Farm

    Organic Honeysuckle Farm in Shandong, certified by KIWA BCS, both USDA Organic (NOP) and EU Organic. Cultivated according to organic guidelines, without using pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides. Hand Picking and Scientific processing.

  • Panax Ginseng Farm

    Boherbs' ginseng could totally meet to EU Standard.also supplies organic ginseng (EU & NOP).

  • Rose Farm

    Rose natural farm in Shangdong, Linyi, far from the pollution. Our roses are growed under organic guidelines, don't use pesticides, herbicide growth regulator.

  • Chrysanthemum Flowers Farm

    Boherbs' Organic chrysanthemum flowers are complete flower shape, thick petals, uniform flower size; No frost, mildew.